Trenton & Jacob Take Turns

Duration: 24:58 Views: 7.6K Submitted: 12 months ago Year: 2014
Description: Jacob actually reminds me of Trenton quite a bit - he’s young, hot-bodied, extremely good-looking, and when he first arrived at CF I so hoped he’d give guy/guy action a shot. When he did take that plunge and get in to some action with his fellow CF studs, he blew me away with how quickly he took to it, how hot he looked while doing it, and how much energy and enthusiasm he showed. Trenton was and had done all of the same not too long ago. Now, we’re seeing both of these guys together! As you’d expect, they’re the ideal match - once in action, these two guys each get completely overwhelmed by great feelings and sensations and their hormones. They turn one another on immensely, are themselves incredibly turned on by every little thing, and there is absolutely no stopping them until they’ve each blown massive loads. There’s passionate kissing, deep eye contact, loud moaning and thoroughly hot sex throughout - and there was no way we could ever keep these two from ensuring each one got to spend some time getting drilled by a hard dick, and being the one doing the drilling!