A Drizzle Of Fresh Boy Cum For His Buns

Duration: 25:37 Views: 2.8K Submitted: 5 months ago Year: 2021
Description: (Models Jurgen Walter, Mariano Basso). Fit little 20 year old Jurgen Walter is feeling increasingly ravenous while looking through a cookery magazine for tips on what he might try later. Naturally, when his gorgeous blond friend Mariano Basso arrives the young man has something very specific on the menu. No one is likely to turn down a delicious afternoon snack, especially when it comes in the form of handsome Mariano and his perfectly proportioned uncut cock. In moments the two are locking lips and Jurgen is working his way down the fit boy’s body to the proud prong in Mariano’s jeans, the meaty morsel quickly released and in his watering mouth. The boy knows how to truly gorge himself on such a delicious treat, sucking the fresh juice from the tip and revealing his own pink appendage for Mariano to taste. The young man approves of the meaty sausage, the flavorful erection eagerly serviced in his experienced mouth until his craving for the main course takes over. Jurgen’s warm buns part to welcome the raw length inside, his balls heavy and hanging between his thighs, swinging with the thrusts of athletic Mariano. A little pause to play with his welcome pucker takes the boys to a deeper spooning, with Mariano pumping deep, finishing with an intense ride for Jurgen and a finishing doggy style ramming that leaves the boy’s meaty butt drenched in sweet boy cream. The slow and sensual end sees Jurgen wanking his satisfied cock to a creamy conclusion, his blond pal offering tender kisses. Now we wonder what dessert must be like.