Dousing The Boy With Their DP Cum Loads

Duration: 18:50 Views: 8.6K Submitted: 9 months ago Year: 2022
Description: (Models Lior Hod, Max Grey, Tommy Poulain). Sexy young Max is happy to have handsome young fire fighters Lior and Tommy show up in his hour of need, but he wasn’t expecting their arrival to be quite as hot as this when it became clear it was a false alarm. The discovery of a sex toy out in the open tells these two guests that their visit could be more interesting than expected, a fact proven when Max shows how eager he is to get sucking on their hoses. It just so happens the boys have been called to the home of one of the greediest twinks in town, and after an introduction of boner slurping Max is quick to combine their bareback cocks and impale his naked ass down on them in a double barrel ride. After setting his ass on fire with their gorgeous tools he’s ready for a dousing, their dicks spurting off and soaking him down, his own stiff meat exploding with pleasure.