Cutting Edge #5

Duration: 3:03:30 Views: 23K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2016
Description: Six months since debut ... Swimming club · Kiyoshi who is popular in "The Negotiation 23" & "WEST FESTA! All Star DOKI DOKI Dream Match" · 19 years old finally bullion of male battle! Furthermore, every time he plays appearances with "The Negotiation 24" & "WEST FESTA! All Star DOKI DOKI Dream Match", Tomohiro who is rising in popularity rapidly and rising in popularity is finally 18 years old also finally released bullion! And, aside from such two people, the main debut in this work suddenly fulfill the main active 20 years old at the track! Suddenly the boy loses bargain in debut work! Furthermore, while experiencing the first experience, while saying "painful" to prostate blame and saying "NEW FACE" which ejaculates at the same time with simultaneous blame and feeling with a face while hanging down gaman juice, while self-facial cumshure Megaero NEW FACE and others that will include their sperm in their mouths also appeared! All five people including NEW FACE 3 people appeared! All 6 parts including anal FUCK 3 part 180 minutes! 1. Main debut of this work NEW FACE · Male blowjob first experience of the age section 20 years old! Early as soon as a full erection with a rotor torture! Dick barking in underwear! Sneaking leaks to the first male blowjob experience ... In the first experience experiencing the licking, the voice has come out ... Also check the phimosis degree during the interview! 2. NEW FACE 19 years old Megaelo's first experience! Eroticinco that erects just by being cockpit changed over underwear! Just side licking and nipple torture were just gaman juice from dicks! 19 years old stretching out my hand to the head of the staff naturally to the pleasure of the first experience male blowjob! For the first anal torture, "shameful but pleasant ..." And shameful play that allows you to insert your fingers into anal! Self-facial shooting of the impact while being thrust into the anal! Must see also the phrase degree check and experiences of masturbation competition during interview! 3. NEW FACE 20 years old daughter prostate attack first experience! It feels too much as a glans torture and moves swiftly in underwear Erotico! 20-year-old is 17-cm dick who is blamed male blowjob and voice will leak out! I felt that I had a first-hand experience of licking and moved Hikihiku hole! An erotico that will not wither even while an anal torture! Though three fingers are thrust into anal in the first experience, while agrariously worrying as "painful", they do not think of simultaneous blame but "feel good" and ejaculation of shame! It is also a must-see checking of the detergency degree of peeling appearance! 4. Main model · Land premiere of 20 years old in the land section is not allowed! Twenty years old who was doing with the schedule of shooting prostate torture with a toy ... but I was negotiating anal sex while shooting ... Eroticusko will start to erect even in the docking observation! An anal observation on all fours! At 20 years old a photographer gets blown away to the pleasure of a male blowjob Negotiating Anal sex gagchi! Fishing in the gala ... 20 years old to show off the blowjob that this is not the first blowjob lifting! And finally being deprived of anal virgin ... pushed up the prostate gland "hot ..." "It seems to get out pissed" but eroticco erects when it is accused at the same time! I'm digging for the first experience! Even more! 5. New model who is rapidly rising in popularity · Tomohiro 18 years old finally bull erection! Although it accepted suddenly kiss suddenly it was forced to serve the blowjob ... "It is hard to lick" But it is pushed and blowjob service lifted! It should be only a tip but experiences until licking back licking balls! And finally graduated anal virgin! Tomohiro who guns the joint part! Tomohiro pushing up anal with a hard mala! Tomihiro kissing while dugging! 6. Popular boiling, Kiyoshi? 19 years old is finally digging in the battle of Hatsuo's battlefield and Iki! Early quake elegance that starts early? Kiyoshi gun to see where the male blowjob is being played? "An odd feeling" in the anal torture "Brain fellatious blowjob while saying" Do you really want? "As a request for an unexpected blowjob service experience! And finally lost anal virginity! Kiyoshi who is struck by the back and withers ... It's a bit caught from dicks why! While saying "embarrassing ..." Kishi who is digging excitedly and drunk while being digged while being digged? デビューから半年… 「ザ・交渉 23」&「WEST FESTA!オールスター DOKI DOKI ドリームマッチ」で人気沸騰中の水泳部・清志?19 才が遂に雄交尾解禁! さらに「ザ・交渉 24」&「WEST FESTA!オールスター DOKI DOKI ドリームマッチ」と出演を重ねるたびに右肩上がりで人気急上昇中の智暉18才も遂に雄交尾解禁! そして、そんな二人を脇に従え、本作でいきなりメインデビューを果たすのは現役陸上部20才!デビュー作でいきなり雄交尾解禁! さらに初体験ながら、前立腺責めに「苦しい」と言いつつ同時責めで射精してしまうドエロいNEW FACE や、ガマン汁を垂らしながらアへ顔で感じまくり、挙句の果てにアナルをヒクヒクさせながらセルフ顔射で自らの精子を口に含んでしまうメガエロNEW FACEなども登場! NEW FACE3名を含む全5名が登場! アナルFUCK3パートを含む全6パート180分! 1. 本作メインデビューNEW FACE・陸上部20才の雄フェラ初体験!開始早々ローター責めでフル勃起!下着の中でヒクヒク動くチンコ!初の雄フェラ体験に漏れる吐息… 初体験のアナル舐めでは声まで出てしまい…インタビュー中の包茎度チェックも必見! 2. NEW FACE19才のメガエロ初体験!下着越しにチンポジチェンジされただけで勃起してしまうエロチンコ!脇舐めや乳首責めをされただけでチンコからはガマン汁が!初体験の雄フェラの快感に自然とスタッフの頭に手を伸ばし押さえつける19才!初のアナル責めには「恥ずかしいけど気持ちいい…」 そして自らの指をアナルに挿入させられる恥辱プレイも!ローターをアナルに突っ込まれながら衝撃のセルフ顔射!包茎度チェックやインタビュー中のオナニー競争の体験談も必見! 3. NEW FACE20才のドエロい前立腺責め初体験!亀頭責めに感じすぎて下着の中でヒクヒク動くエロチンコ!17cmのチンコを雄フェラ責めされ声が漏れてしまう20才!初体験のアナル舐めに感じてしまいヒクヒク動く穴!アナル責め中も萎えないエロチンコ!初体験で指3本をアナルに突っ込まれ「苦しい」と悶えながらも、同時責めに思わず「気持ちいい」と恥辱の射精!見栄剥き発覚の包茎度チェックも必見! 4. メインモデル・陸上部20才が初ウケ解禁!玩具での前立腺責めの撮影という予定でやってきた20才…しかし撮影中にアナルセックスを交渉されて… チンコ観察で不覚にも勃起し始めてしまうエロチンコ!四つん這いでのアナル観察も!雄フェラの快感に吐息を漏らす20才にカメラマンがアナルセックスのガチ交渉!ギャラに釣られて… これが初フェラ解禁とは思えないフェラテクを披露する20才!そして遂にアナル処女を奪われて… 前立腺を突き上げられて「熱い…」「おしっこ出そう」 しかし同時責めされると勃起してしまうエロチンコ!初体験にして掘られイキ!さらに顔射まで! 5. 人気急上昇中の新人モデル・智暉18才が遂に雄交尾解禁!開始早々のいきなりのキスは受け入れたもののフェラ奉仕を強要されて…「舐めるのはキツイっす」 しかし押し切られてしまいフェラ奉仕解禁!先っぽだけのはずが、裏筋舐め玉舐めまで体験!そして遂にアナル童貞卒業! 結合部をガン見する智暉!硬マラでアナルをガンガン突き上げる智暉!掘り上げながらキスをする智暉! 6. 人気沸騰中・清志?19才が遂に初雄交尾解禁にして掘られイキ!開始早々勃起する清志?のエロチンコ!雄フェラをされているところをガン見する清志?!アナル責めには「変な感じ」 予定外の初フェラ奉仕体験のお願いに「マジっすか?」と言いつつ、大胆フェラ!そして遂にアナル処女喪失!バックで突かれ萎える清志?のチンコ…しかしチンコからは何故かガマン汁が!「恥ずかしい…」と言いながらも掘られながら手コキをされて豪快に掘られイキする清志?!
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